Direct Marketing Tips For 2012

Direct Marketing Climate

The background of direct marketing can be traced back to the 1950’s as businesses sought to sell direct to customers rather than through shops and retail outfits. As a result the trend has diversified into a wide range of marketing tools that businesses use to send direct and subconscious messages to consumers and businesses.

This could be through offering a free phone number on a website, to give customers the illusion that calling will be free of charge. It could be through offering a ‘this is a limited offer’ giving the customer the feeling of urgency to buy. It could be through a discounted offer to give customers the feeling of getting a bargain.

Retail Companies Using Direct Marketing

The retail sector for years has been using direct marketing tactics (as above) to encourage customers to buy now.

  • Buy now and pay nothing for 6 months
  • Buy 2 get 1 free
  • Limited stock, get in quick
  • 60% off this week only

Many retail companies do use cost as being an incentive for customers to buy (discounts or bulk buy) so that customers feel like they are saving money by spending money (sometimes by purchasing products that are not essential for life, but just because they are getting a deal).

Many retail companies do offer finance deals for higher cost products (furniture, cars, white goods etc.) to give customers the help they need in purchasing their products and eliminating the cost factor (normally the biggest objection to selling).

Finance Companies Using Direct Marketing

The financial sector is pushing for sales at the moment due to the economic downturn; therefore banks and finance companies are offering deals based on direct marketing tactics:

  • Invest £16,000 now and get £1,000 free
  • Free overdraft for new accounts
  • Free travel and home insurance for all new accounts

The financial sector is working very hard at the moment and faces much of the same difficulties that other areas of business face, that people are reluctant to commit due to buyers block.

Changes In Direct Marketing

Most people in our society are wising up to the so-called offers, sales, buy now pay later deals that companies use due to them being so common. It is rare to walk into a shopping center without seeing signs promoting a ‘Sale’ for end of line, Christmas, Easter, Summer or any other reason. The media has given bad press in the past to retailers promoting sales that are not in the customers interests; therefore people are wary.

Businesses around the UK are adopting different advertising and direct marketing tactics in order to boost customer confidence and most of this is based around cost. Christmas 2011 saw slow sales and the January sales (which started on Boxing Day) saw businesses slashing their prices to get people spending again.